Best Flooring Types for Your London House in 2021

Flooring is basically your whole house area, that is why you should give deciding the design, and flooring type good part of your time.

Even so; we use it everywhere, there are different types, with different specifications, that control your choices of it, moreover; which flooring methods to choose.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring:

Which is basically, made from natural materials, and does not contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Hardwood is mainly available in two major groups:

  • Solid wood: consists from single piece of wood.
  • Engineered wood: is made from several layers (compressed wood, resin, and polymers), with real hardwood veneer on top. It handles humidity better.

Hardwood is the top choice for homeowners depending on its great appearance, and long standing.

Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring:

This is type of wood made by arranging small hardwood in geometric patterns, it mostly comes in tiles.

It comes in two different styles:

  • Unfinished: is the natural state, that need to be sanded, stained, and finished in site after installation, which gives you a lot of decorative options to choose the finishing you like.
  • Prefinished: it is made industrially in factory with applied wood finish. This type is better in the matter of durability, and installation on site.
Laminate flooring


It is a man-made product consists of four layers (overly for protection, decorative layer, fiber board, back moist protection).

Laminate comes in variety of design: wood, stone, or others.

Ceramic flooring


Ceramic tile is a blend of clay, and shale fired in a kiln. It comes in a large variety of design, shape, size, and colours.

Vinyl flooring


Vinyl is a high versatile synthetic flooring material (plastic, PVC, similar polymers).

It comes in different kinds:

  • Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT).
  • Vinyl sheet flooring.
  • Vinyl tile.